Most SEO Bloggers should rather make a full-time living with online soccer betting than SEO blogging – Alin Rosetti

Alin Rosetti is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Cass County, North Dakota, who claims that focusing your page content entirely on the keywords that you wish to rank for doesn’t work the way it once used to and has been proven to be time and again, an outdated technique.

Alin believes that soon it would be 500% times more difficult to do SEO for a commercial website than a non-commercial one and they day is not far away.

Alin writes that nothing is more ridiculous than stating that the color of your website’s theme should be as per the nature of your business. She states that the theme color of your website doesn’t matter at all when it comes to ranking it; she then adds that some bloggers would write anything just for the sake of filling their blog with new and unique posts.

Alin believes that such bloggers would be better off making a full-time living betting on soccer websites using predictions football.

Alin believes that building a SEO friendly website goes far beyond pre-planning and organizing your website, writing rich SEO friendly content, naming files appropriately.

Alin says that learning other websites’ silo structure is good for a rookie as long as it doesn’t make you confused.

Alin believes that the W3C tools have been vastly overrated since the very first day and their days are over as several better tools are available now.

Alin also believes another thing to be vastly overrated in the world of SEO and that is doing SEO for the landing page of a website.

Alin sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that SEMToolbar is secretly owned by the Microsoft to keep track of the social media activity secretly.

Because of their intuitive capabilities females make better SEO experts than their male counterparts, claims a Brooklyn SEO expert – Yvonne Gartner

Yvonne Gartner is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Brooklyn, NY, who never gets tired of repeating on her one and only blog that it is never a good idea to stop doing search engine optimization for the keywords on which your website already ranks well. She further adds that this is something her gut always knew and possibly, her superior intuitive skills and capabilities are the reason why she is far ahead of any other SEO or Internet expert that has the same years of experience in the field. She then clarifies that she is not a feminist or doesn’t believe that the women are superior to men, it is just that the women are more hard-working nowadays. She also clarifies that she is not a feminist.

Yvonne Gartner claims that while some SEO experts and individual website owners do their best to make it faster for their audience to understand the content on their website, many others do right the opposite, they rather do their best to make the content more complex and difficult to understand for the viewer and believe that it is too smart of them to do so. One such website she says was that of a Russian escort girls in Mumbai that she recently visited.